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About Us

Established in 2052 BS

Our journey began in the year 1996, with our first bottling unit Everest Gas by which we served the capital city, Kathmandu and the surrounding markets. However, foreseeing the growing shift from traditional cooking methods to LPG across the country, under the management of SG Group, 6 additional bottling plants were established in the span of 20 years, making us the largest LPG provider in Nepal. Our seven strategically located LPG plants serve over 2 million households and entities through our 3000 pillar like distribution partners and our team together makes us EVEREST GAS SANSAR.

परिवारको एकतामा दरिलो साथ दिँदै,
एभरेष्ट ग्याँस संसारमा

In 70 Districts
20 Lakhs+
7 brands combined

Everest Gas Sansar is the biggest gas supplier in terms of volume. We have 7 brands under one umbrella.

सुरक्षित र स्वच्छ ऊर्जा भएको
Everest Gas Sansar


एउटै छाता मुनि ७ विभिन्न ब्राण्डहरू, पाउनुहोस् मात्र एभरेष्ट ग्याँस संसारमा

Everest Gas, established in 2052 BS is one of the oldest LPG bottling units of Nepal, now has 7 brands under one umbrella: Everest, Sugam, Saipal, Trishul, Sahara, Prima and Kamakhya

Safety Tips

एल.पि. ग्याँस सुरक्षित प्रयोग सम्बन्धि जानकारी

  • ग्याँस सिलिण्डर फेर्दा सावधानी पुर्याउनु पर्ने कुराहरु
  • ग्याँस सिलिण्डर प्रयोग गर्दा ध्यान राख्नु पर्ने कुराहरु
  • ग्याँसको गन्ध आएमा ध्यान राख्नु पर्ने कुराहरु
  • ग्याँसको गन्धलाई खतराको संकेतमानी बचावटका उपायहरु